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I'm so excited to share this new trend alert with you beauties.
What is this new treat you might ask?
Well it's 'I LOVE THIS BOX' and it has officially been launched in Australia.
ILoveThisBox brings a fabulous monthly selection of up to 5 luxurious cosmetic samples straight to your door. By working with the best brands and focusing on the latest trends we ensure each month's box is a real treat. Delivery is included in your monthly or annual membership fee and you can cancel a monthly membership at any time.
I had nothing but big smiles when the delivery man came knocking on my door,
holding such a pretty pink package in his hands.  Before I could even close the door
I was dying to pop this baby open to see what lovely surprises were awaiting me inside...
and to my delight I was jumping with joy like it was Christmas morning!
I don't know about you, but I LOVE surprises and I LOVE beauty products...
And that is why this new company 'I Love This Box' appealed to me so much!

Check out the VIDEO, pictures & detailed information shown below 
to see what all the rave is about  

How Does It Work?

How Much Does It Cost?
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Magnolia's $10 Off Coupon
Also in our box you had a $10 off coupon to redeem at Magnolia's online store ( and retail stores.
Launched in 1996, Magnolia has grown to become the world’s largest designer silver jewellery retailer with more than 150 stores now thriving around the world, including 27 locations in Australia.
Specialising in Sterling silver, Magnolia strives to create a product as unique as each individual customer. Using 25 designers from around the world to ensure a range of inspirations and styles, pieces are handcrafted using 925 Sterling silver and semi-precious stones. Each distinctive piece becomes part of an ever-changing collection that sees no less than 500 jewellery designs hit stores every single month.
All Magnolia pieces undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet quality standards and are backed by a one-year, unlimited product warranty for peace of mind – a rarity in the silver jewellery retail market.
With stores in Australia, Canada, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and the UK, Magnolia plans to have 300 locations and 2,000 employees worldwide by 2013.

Essie French Affair's Spring 2011 Nail Polish collection $18.95
Essie Cosmetics, home of the best dressed nails, is the ultimate colour authority offering a line of superior nail care products. The over 250 fashion-forward shades with exclusive award winning formula are always classic, chic and elegant and can be worn “from the bedroom, to the boardroom, to the ballroom.”
Essie’s wildly romantic and effortlessly chic French Affair collection takes inspiration from the beaches of St Tropez. Exuding casual elegance and sophistication, this range will transport you to a topless convertible, driving by the seaside with the sun on your shoulders and the wind in your hair. Individual Bottle Size 15ml

CAUDALIE Set of 3 Facials Samples $80
Caudalie's patented grape-seed products - a moisturizer, an anti-wrinkle serum & an anti-wrinkle ultra nourishing cream - all enriched with anti-oxidants active ingredients to preserves the skin's youthful appearance.
1. Premières vendanges moisturizing cream, Rich in moisturizing and anti-oxidant active ingredients, this velvety cream preserves the skin's youthful appearance.
Morning and evening, apply to face and neck on cleansed skin.For those with combination skin, apply the Vinopure Matte Finish to the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin).
2. Anti-wrinkle serum, Highly concentrated in anti-oxidants, this serum immediately corrects the signs of ageing and tired skin. Wrinkles appear smoothed, skin looks more supple and incredibly luminous.  Morning and/or evening, apply to face and neck before applying the Pulpe Vitaminée Cream or Fluid for increased effectiveness. Avoid the area around the eye.
Ideal for boosting the anti-oxidant effectiveness of the Pulpe Vitaminée Cream or the Fluid.
100% protection against free radicals. * Ex-vivo text conducted on a skin explant following UV radiation, conducted by an independent laboratory certified by the French Ministry of Health.
3. Anti-wrinkle ultra-nourishing cream, This rich, silky cream provides remarkable anti-oxidant action, deeply nourishes even the driest skin and reactivates the skin's internal moisture mechanism. The skin regains its suppleness and comfort and wrinkles caused by dehydration are smoothed. For those with very dry skin who seek anti-wrinkle protection.
Morning and evening, apply to face and neck, by itself or after the Moisturizing Concentrate.
For those with very dry skin or when exposed to extreme climates, mix the Vinosource Riche Ultra-Nourishing Cream with the Moisturizing Concentrate for an increased effectiveness.
NVEY ECO’s Taupe [#172] Eyeshadow $29

Certified Organic by NATURE, NVEY ECO’s Taupe [#172] Eyeshadow is a versatile and universal shade that you can be used for all occasions. Talc free and formulated using soothing organic elements such as chamomile and jojoba oil, with added Antioxidants Vitamins A,C & E, to create a smooth and soft formula, excellent for dry sensitive skins. Best applied with NVEY ECO's - ECO Friendly Eyeshadow Brush.
Richly pigmented
Organic Ingredients
Easy blending, Long wearing
Inspirational choice of 24 shades
Enriched with Vitamins A, C, E
* Colours been viewed on screen may vary due the nature of digital images and screen resolution
POD - Liquid Tan - Gradual Tanning Face Serum $40
Everybody’s faking it! Re-create that iconic Aussie tan without the damaging sun or any irritating chemicals with POD Skincare's full size tanning face serum.
Naturally Friendly: This light-weight serum develops a subtle lasting face tan within hours of application.
Actively Good: Perfect for sensitive skin it works using an eco-cert® vegetable tanning active in a light-weight serum that includes Rosehip Oil and Replic8® that mimics young healthy skin and promotes a long-lasting tan.
Directions: Apply 1 – 2 pumps. Massage into the skin starting at the centre of the face and moving upwards and outwards. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Reapply every 2- 3 days to gradually build colour and promote a long lasting tan.
Visit for more information

Keratinology by Sunsilk Salon Perfection Hair Collection $13.99

Girls, this product was the one responsible for the magnificent scent that the box had - so you can only imagine how your hair will smell like after using it...
The Keratinology by Sunsilk collection has been designed with Keratin Micro
Technology ™ and scientifically proven to serve two primary functions; firstly, prolonging
the luxurious look and feel experienced when you first step foot out of the salon, and
secondly, addressing the common damage symptoms experienced as a result of many
salon treatments including bleaching, colouring and ironing.
Keratin Micro technology is a combination of essential micronutrients and conditioning
ingredients. Micronutrients such as amino acids penetrate the hair fibre to help restore
and retain moisture lost at the salon, while conditioning ingredients help to repair
surface damage by sealing cuticles and locking in your colour for longer^.
When used together, the unique formulations in the Keratinology range can help retain
up to 27% more colour after 20 washes^ and give you hair that’s 4x smoother than
Salon bleached hair.
The inaugural Keratinology by Sunsilk collection encompasses eight premium products
across two exclusive ranges - the Advanced Reconstruction Program and Sun Kissed Colour Therapy range.
The Keratinology by Sunsilk Advanced Reconstruction Program is comprised of five products that work in unison to
deliver stunning shine and breathtaking salon-beauty, for longer. Specifically, the products penetrate deep within the
hair fibre and deliver intense nourishment and surface reconstruction.
The Advanced Reconstruction Program fivestep
regime includes:
To cleanse: Advanced Reconstruction Program, Detoxifying Shampoo – A cleansing formula that works with salon treated hair, gently removing residues
and preparing the hair for the program.
To condition: Advanced Reconstruction Program, Express Treatment Conditioner – At the speed of a conditioner, this fast acting treatment prepares
the hair for intensive repair.
To repair: Advanced Reconstruction Program, Hair Spa Mask – An intensive repair treatment that penetrates through three layers of the hair fibre, effectively
reconstructing the hair surface and sealing cuticles for a stunning salon-like smoothness and healthy shine.
To treat: Advanced Reconstruction Program, Overnight Treatment – An intensive repair treatment that reconstructs the hair surface and helps fill in tiny
damage cracks caused by harsh salon treatments to prolong the beauty of salon treated hair while you sleep.
To protect: Advanced Reconstruction Program, Heat Protector Spray – An advanced heat protection formula with UV filters, that protects heat styled hair for a frizz free, professional look.

For more information on how you can get your hands on this wonderful new product click here

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