Monday, October 31, 2011

RICH LITTLE POOR GIRL - Electrify The Night


Want to make an impression, this outfit is sure to sizzle and definitely get some 
male hearts a fluttering and the girls steaming with envy.

At just over $150 you can have yourself one sexy little evening look 
to dance the night away or just plain tease those boys.  

I'm loving the pop of colour in the fuchsia dress and the black & silver accessories 
really turn up the volume to night time glam.

All prices and store links shown below

Mesh Contrast Dress (fuchsia/black) $22.80 @ Forever 21

Square Diamant√© Hoops (black) $9.95 @ Colette Accessories

Multi Band Long Finger Ring (silver) $7.95 @ Colette Accessories

5 Square Stone Clutch (black) $29.95 @ Colette Accessories 

Louise Lace Peep Toe Bootie (black) $89.95 @ Novo Shoes

Sunday, October 30, 2011



Wedges are in trend, in demand and in store everywhere you look right now 
and that's great news for a short girl like me.
Not only do they add that ever important 'skinny' height, but they are so much more 
comfortable than heels and so very versatile to be worn for both day or night!

My favourite shoe store of the moment has to be UrbanOG an American 
based online store that offers footwear, apparel, accessories and so much more.  
The reason I gravitate towards UrbanOG is by far the extensive range available 
and the affordable prices of some major fashion must haves.

Although you have to factor in the international shipping charges, 
they still work out to be very comparable to many footwear outlets available in Australia 
and with all that in mind, they are always at the top of my list when sourcing 
for a new unique pair that not the everyday girl will be strutting her stuff in.

I have compiled a montage below of my most lust worthy items available now.  

All prices and links shown below

Qupid Enrich-120 Tricolor Cutout Wedge Bootie (Red) $30.90

Phyllis-03 Colorblock Mary Jane Wedge (Turquoise) $27.90

Society86 Pompey-02 Glitter Open Toe Wedge (Nude) $29.40

M1062-20 Studded Spike Strappy Wedge (black/gold) $53.60

Liliana Sanders-11 Two Tone Suede Peep Toe Wedge (gray) $27.90

Mona-1 Suede Wedge Peep Toe Bootie (royal blue) $25.90

Qupid Bikini-186 Tricolor Cutout Wedge Bootie (taupe) $28.20

Ivy Leopard Wedge Ankle Bootie (chestnut) $35.40

M1047-44 Leopard Fur Wedge Bootie (leopard) $48.50

P4130-4 Leopard Peep Toe Wedge Bootie (snow) $33.50

P4130-3 Snake Peep Toe Wedge (chestnut) $28.20

Breckelle Judy-02 Suede Platform Wedge (fuchsia) $24.90

Friday, October 28, 2011



When I think of summer..I think of watermelon, days at the beach, water pistols, sand between my toes, cocktails by the pool, carefree, fun and rockin' good festivals!

Festivals are hot, steamy hot and the whole less is more approach is a no brainer.
But wearing less to combat the heat while still looking fabulous can sometimes be a feat.

We all know Forever New as the perfect place to stock up on all things girly.  
They specialise in feminine to the max with their dainty pieces, but you will be surprised to know that Forever New can also do relaxed, casual and breezy perfect for your summertime outings...
Festival outfit sorted, tick! 

You'll be glad to know that Forever New have now added swimwear to their gorgeous collections,
so for the new season I know where I'll be heading...


30 AUD -

50 AUD -

50 AUD -

80 AUD -

50 AUD -

9.99 AUD -


Mietta Frill Bandeau Bikinia $79.99


Gen Frill Cutwork Bandeau Bikini $79.99

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Style Inspiration: ELEGANT EVENING


Today I am showing how versatile this Valleygirl paperbag waisted maxi skirt is.
My previous video post showed how to style this gorgeous garment for day,
and tonight I wanted to show how easily it can be transformed into an outfit you can wear out after dark.

You certainly don't need to find the exact same other pieces I am wearing,
but I do suggest sticking to a fitted top that can be tucked into the skirt,
a bold statement necklace and matching clutch, belt and shoes. 

You can really jazz it up any way you like,
but by sticking to these key elements you will have yourself a super slick pm look.

Items including prices & store details are shown below
Check out my style VIDEO below for a live view of this outfit

Statement Necklace @ Forever 21
Skirt $24.95 @ Valleygirl
Earrings @ Forever 21
Bustier Top @ Supre'
Vintage Black Belt
Statement Ring @ Forever 21
Clutch/Purse $14.95 @ Valleygirl
Heels @ Steve Madden

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

RICH LITTLE POOR GIRL - Tropical Temptress


Be sure to make a statement in this eye catching ensemble.
Beyond perfect for a sexy summers evening, perhaps dancing or dinner or cocktails with the girls.

Whatever your occasion might be this outfit is sure to turn some heads for all the right reasons.

Don't be afraid to play with colour and coral is huge for the balmy warmer seasons.
Gold accessories also accentuate the coral hue brilliantly and no more than in this date worthy look.

And again in the 'Rich Little Poor Girl' series,
I bring this stunning creation to you for a mere $177 from head to toe!

Please see below for full details on items, prices and store links

Heaven Printed Strapless Dress $40.00 @ Supre'

Colour Block Envelope Wallet $34.99 @ Forever New

Dramatic Golden Tulips Necklace $19.99 @ Diva

Polly Chainy Drop Earrings $12.95 @ Colette Accessories

Monday, October 24, 2011

RICH LITTLE POOR GIRL - Sensing Summer In The Air


Can you smell the hints of summer starting to trickle into the air?
As each day passes I feel it getting abundantly closer and closer.
And as the sunshine and warmth start to heat up our lives
so does our purse strings with the workout of our credit cards and cash.
But I have good news for you!

Even you, who thinks there is no way you'll be able to afford a new wardrobe, think again...
As I am the bargain queen, the budget babe, the one who can show YOU how to look fabulous for less.
'Hey, I don't call this series rich little poor girl for no reason'!

Shopping for each new season is so much fun,
especially right now considering the freedom of choices we have when it comes to colour.
I adore mixing, matching and contrasting these bright hues against each other to create a bold statement.
I am particularly enjoying today's outfit as it not only embraces a confident and chic persona,
but it is all so comfortable and breezy to wear, a perfect spring/summer staple. 

At amazingly affordable prices, you too can steal this head to toe look for around $150!

All items including prices & store details are shown below
Check out my style VIDEO below for a live view of this outfit

Teal Top $19.99 @ Ally NEW
Sand Skirt $24.95 @ Valleygirl NEW
Belt @ Sportsgirl
Coral Purse $19.95 @ Love Couture NEW
Coral Necklace $11.95 @ H&M NEW
Coral Cuff $9.95 @ H&M NEW
Sunglasses $14.95 @ Love Couture NEW
Turquoise Ring @ Forever 21
Gold Earrings @ Equip

Beige Wedges $49.95 @ Shoe Rack Warehouse
(also available @ Therapy Shoes online) NEW

(Items marked NEW means purchased recently/sold in stores now)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spotlight On: MARKET HQ


You know that excited feeling you get when you finish work on a Friday afternoon,
or when you know there is delicious left overs in the fridge from dinner last night or
simply that butterflies in your tummy feeling when you have a crush on a new guy! 
Well that is the feeling I get when I stumble across incredible fashion,
garments that literally leave me gasping for air at times.
Okay well I might be a little melodramatic here, but I live and breathe for fashion.
It brings me so much joy and it is the sole purpose why I write this blog,
a place where I can share all my inner style desires and let my creative juices flow.
So that being said, and getting back to the whole gasping for air at incredible fashion part.
I have found a store that was literally formed from my dreams, that's right...
It's like MARKET HQ looked into my dreams and designed a store just for me.
How often do you visit a store or shop online and see a few things you love
and many items you also wouldn't be caught dead in.
I would 'honestly' say it is rare to find a store that caters to my aesthetic wholly and completely.

Congratulations Market HQ, to me you have hit the nail on the head
and I would literally buy everything available if only I had the funds to supplement such fantasies.
I have compiled some of my favourite looks below.
For more information on Market HQ and for styles & prices please head to

Saturday, October 22, 2011



So I set myself another challenge for all you babes on a budget!
The goal was to style a casual outfit for $150 bucks!  

Now I'm all for casual, but making a casual outfit look chic is always my mission.  
I never want to look like I only paid a hundred smackaroos or so for my outfit,
I want to look like I paid 10x that price.
Well courtesy of Ally Fashion I was able to succeed once again >enter 'hooray' here<

This outfit looks so boho chic, so mega comfortable and so uber trendy.  
Whilst embracing the hot new trend of the midi skirt and adding some key new pieces
>enter the gorgeous Kardashian Kollection cross body bag<
and finishing off with the scalloping detail in the jacket which brings this casual look to super hot fashionista.

To complete this gorgeous outfit just add some of your own jewellery pieces (I'm opting for silver)
and your ready to turn some heads no matter where you're off to.

Have a great day lovelies xx

All items can be purchased at ALLY FASHION in stores or online @