Tuesday, June 26, 2012

RICH LITTLE POOR GIRL - Floral, Plum & Tan

DAY 177

So after many, many hours trying to fix computer issues I had no luck & it looks like my computer decided to gobble up all the photos I took for yesterday's blog post.

I have to say I had a mini meltdown myself, considering it was late, dark and oh so chilly outside to have to take more photos, but I guess there is always a silver lining and I managed to restore just one picture of the daily outfit, yay!

So I apologise for the lack of detail here and the in depth look of today's look, hope this suffices.

Have a great week everyone and I'll be back later today with a proper outfit post for you all :D

Head-to-toe today's outfit has been styled for $68.10.

Detailed list of items are shown below

What I'm Wearing:
Sunglasses - Cotton On
Necklace - Old Purchase?
Handbag - Love Couture
Singlet / Belt / Skirt / Heels - Forever 21

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