Thursday, December 29, 2011



Boxing Day in Australia is known as the best shopping sales day of the year.
You are almost guaranteed to grab yourselves a bargain,
but they do come at a cost and I don't mean financial.

What ever do I mean?
Well, if you are willing to get there early, are able to secure a car park,
willing to line up with the masses, deal with crowds and most importantly not get to hot headed
with the insane amount of pushy and rude people, then this is certainly a day for you! 

I have to admit, I am one to put up with just about anything if it means I'm getting a great sale.
But this year I was quite disappointed with the limited amount of loot on show.
And I will say that I did have to leave a bunch of stuff behind in many stores purely for the fact
that the lines to pay for any items were almost out the door and I just couldn't bare it
in the what seemed like saunas in each retailer.

Sadly I think I'm getting a little bit tired of it and this year may just well have been the last year
I venture out to the shops on such a chaotic day.
I would much prefer to shop online from the comfort of my own home to grab some great deals
and yes, many online retailers were also offering boxing day sales and get this....
even before the general public could have ventured outside!

And lastly in comparison, I still believe us Aussies can scout better deals by purchasing items internationally than what some of the sales prices were offering...and with our Aussie dollar
still high against the US, I will definitely be continuing my pyjama trend of shopping the
world wide web from my couch :)

Would love to hear if any of you beauties grabbed some bargain worthy items?

Detailed list of items are shown below
Check out my style VIDEO below for a live view of these items

 $19.95 Bag @ Love Couture
 $14.95 Clutch @ Love Couture
$5.95 Earrings @ Love Couture
$5.00 Bracelet @ Love Couture

$5.00 Bracelet @ Love Couture
$5.00 Sandals @ Rubi Shoes
 $2.95 Nail Polish @ Rubi Shoes
 $4.00 Ring @ Diva
 $4.00 Ring @ Diva
 $22.95 Necklace @ Diva
$9.80 Samba De Amigo Wii Game @ Target
 $7.20 Bath2Body Ballazzia Palm Tree Vanilla Body Butter @ Target
$20.00 Bodice @ Bardot
$5.00 Singlet Top @ Ally
$5.00 Racerback Singlet @ Cotton On
$22 Blouse @ Target
$10 Dress @ Target
$23 Maxi Skirt @ Target

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  1. great finds! I especially like that diva necklace xx