Friday, December 30, 2011



So Christmas has come and gone for another year.

I always love the lead up to Christmas, although sometimes a very exhausting time of year, 
it's also a fun time because surprises await and family comes together.
A hint of childlike memories sneak in and it almost feels magical again.

This year I spent the entire day at home, it was lovely not having to travel anywhere and everyone came to us!  We had a wonderful day full of family, food, presents and most importantly children around us.
Christmas just seems so much more special when little ones are around, it's really all about them now.
And being an Aunty to eleven, with another little one on the way, 
I certainly rarely have a Christmas without some little tucker present.

Overall a special and happy Christmas was had.
I hope you all celebrated the holidays with loved ones and had time to relax and unwind.

 I have posted a little VIDEO below of some of the goodies I was lucky enough to receive this year.
Please post a comment below sharing your treats with me, would love to know what you got!

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