Friday, January 6, 2012



It's that time again...HAUL TIME!

I love my shopping and I love my bargains and that's why I seem to buy so much from Forever 21.
Now for any of you that do not know about Forever 21,
 they are an American based store who have branched out to many other countries.
Word has it that they may even be coming to Australia in the not too distant future...excited much!

The good thing is they ship internationally, so that means us Aussies can already get out hands on their gorgeous products.  Although the shipping rates are quite high, when you factor in the costs of the merchandise it becomes very comparable to the costs of Australian stock.
And the best part about it is that you'll be wearing something not many others will have.

Forever 21 add new items every day, but you'll need to be quick because items sell out very fast!

To see what all the fuss is about head online to browse Forever 21 online

Detailed list of items are shown below

Click play above to view haul VIDEO

Short Skirt (Dusty Pink) $22.80 #02928922023

Short Skirt (Black) $17.80 YELLOW TAG DEAL $10 #02929132043

Short Skirt (Nude) $17.80 YELLOW TAG DEAL $10 #02929132033

Short Skirt (Yellow) $15.80 YELLOW TAG DEAL $10 #87534122063

Short Skirt (Navy) $19.80 #0039006013

Fashion Jacket (Tomato/Grey) $22.80 #05756336012

Jewelry/Necklaces (Brown/Clear/Gold) $1480 #74200731021

Jewelry/Necklaces (Gold) $6.80 #86807143021

Jewelry/Necklaces (Cream/Gold) $14.80 #05756623031

Jewelry/Earrings (Silver/Black) $5.80 #00028724021

Jewelry/Bracelet (Gold/Cream) $9.80 #00018637011

Tools $ Accessories/Face Brush (Multi) $4.80 #87532732011

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