Saturday, January 7, 2012

RICH LITTLE POOR GIRL - Bohemian Meets Aztec


Lately I have been adoring anything Aztec inspired,
if it has zig zags it has my attention!

Again in the 'Rich Little Poor Girl' series,
I'm bringing this outfit to you for under $65, head-to-toe!
What I love most about this outfit is that it lengthens my body,
Being only 162 cm tall that is something that works in my favour.
The cropped cut of the top paired with the high waisted skirt create this look easily.
And by simply pulling your hair back in a top knot it adds that extra little hint of height.

Detailed list of items are shown below

Click play above to view style VIDEO of this outfit

What I'm Wearing:
Necklace - Markets
Top/Skirt - Temt
Ring - Diva
Wedges - Fashion Focus
Handbag - Valleygirl

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