Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spotlight On: MARKET HQ


You know that excited feeling you get when you finish work on a Friday afternoon,
or when you know there is delicious left overs in the fridge from dinner last night or
simply that butterflies in your tummy feeling when you have a crush on a new guy! 
Well that is the feeling I get when I stumble across incredible fashion,
garments that literally leave me gasping for air at times.
Okay well I might be a little melodramatic here, but I live and breathe for fashion.
It brings me so much joy and it is the sole purpose why I write this blog,
a place where I can share all my inner style desires and let my creative juices flow.
So that being said, and getting back to the whole gasping for air at incredible fashion part.
I have found a store that was literally formed from my dreams, that's right...
It's like MARKET HQ looked into my dreams and designed a store just for me.
How often do you visit a store or shop online and see a few things you love
and many items you also wouldn't be caught dead in.
I would 'honestly' say it is rare to find a store that caters to my aesthetic wholly and completely.

Congratulations Market HQ, to me you have hit the nail on the head
and I would literally buy everything available if only I had the funds to supplement such fantasies.
I have compiled some of my favourite looks below.
For more information on Market HQ and for styles & prices please head to

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