Sunday, October 30, 2011



Wedges are in trend, in demand and in store everywhere you look right now 
and that's great news for a short girl like me.
Not only do they add that ever important 'skinny' height, but they are so much more 
comfortable than heels and so very versatile to be worn for both day or night!

My favourite shoe store of the moment has to be UrbanOG an American 
based online store that offers footwear, apparel, accessories and so much more.  
The reason I gravitate towards UrbanOG is by far the extensive range available 
and the affordable prices of some major fashion must haves.

Although you have to factor in the international shipping charges, 
they still work out to be very comparable to many footwear outlets available in Australia 
and with all that in mind, they are always at the top of my list when sourcing 
for a new unique pair that not the everyday girl will be strutting her stuff in.

I have compiled a montage below of my most lust worthy items available now.  

All prices and links shown below

Qupid Enrich-120 Tricolor Cutout Wedge Bootie (Red) $30.90

Phyllis-03 Colorblock Mary Jane Wedge (Turquoise) $27.90

Society86 Pompey-02 Glitter Open Toe Wedge (Nude) $29.40

M1062-20 Studded Spike Strappy Wedge (black/gold) $53.60

Liliana Sanders-11 Two Tone Suede Peep Toe Wedge (gray) $27.90

Mona-1 Suede Wedge Peep Toe Bootie (royal blue) $25.90

Qupid Bikini-186 Tricolor Cutout Wedge Bootie (taupe) $28.20

Ivy Leopard Wedge Ankle Bootie (chestnut) $35.40

M1047-44 Leopard Fur Wedge Bootie (leopard) $48.50

P4130-4 Leopard Peep Toe Wedge Bootie (snow) $33.50

P4130-3 Snake Peep Toe Wedge (chestnut) $28.20

Breckelle Judy-02 Suede Platform Wedge (fuchsia) $24.90

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