Monday, October 24, 2011

RICH LITTLE POOR GIRL - Sensing Summer In The Air


Can you smell the hints of summer starting to trickle into the air?
As each day passes I feel it getting abundantly closer and closer.
And as the sunshine and warmth start to heat up our lives
so does our purse strings with the workout of our credit cards and cash.
But I have good news for you!

Even you, who thinks there is no way you'll be able to afford a new wardrobe, think again...
As I am the bargain queen, the budget babe, the one who can show YOU how to look fabulous for less.
'Hey, I don't call this series rich little poor girl for no reason'!

Shopping for each new season is so much fun,
especially right now considering the freedom of choices we have when it comes to colour.
I adore mixing, matching and contrasting these bright hues against each other to create a bold statement.
I am particularly enjoying today's outfit as it not only embraces a confident and chic persona,
but it is all so comfortable and breezy to wear, a perfect spring/summer staple. 

At amazingly affordable prices, you too can steal this head to toe look for around $150!

All items including prices & store details are shown below
Check out my style VIDEO below for a live view of this outfit

Teal Top $19.99 @ Ally NEW
Sand Skirt $24.95 @ Valleygirl NEW
Belt @ Sportsgirl
Coral Purse $19.95 @ Love Couture NEW
Coral Necklace $11.95 @ H&M NEW
Coral Cuff $9.95 @ H&M NEW
Sunglasses $14.95 @ Love Couture NEW
Turquoise Ring @ Forever 21
Gold Earrings @ Equip

Beige Wedges $49.95 @ Shoe Rack Warehouse
(also available @ Therapy Shoes online) NEW

(Items marked NEW means purchased recently/sold in stores now)

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