Friday, October 21, 2011

Target 'Free Fusion' Range - Be Bold!


Whilst browsing through Target today, I stumbled across some great inexpensive pieces
from their wonderfully youthfull 'Free Fusion' range. 

After recently travelling to America I observed a huge presence of tribal influences that not only spread through the garments, but also followed suit in homewares, decor and stationary. It is clear that Australia is following suit with the introduction of bold, bright and patterned themes.
This trend will be sticking around until at the earliest Autumn next year,
so get your hands on some great eye catching items now & at prices like these &
the versatility they embrace, you are sure to get your wear and monies worth!

Rope Denim Vest (XS-XL) $35  /  U-Tank (XS-XL) $15  /  Floral Maxi Skirt (S-XL) $39

Aztec Crop Top (XS-XL) $35  /  Striped Maxi Skirt (XS-XL) $29

Lace Bust Party Dress (XXS-XL) $49  /  Draped Party Dress (XS-XL) $49

Stripe Zip Front BodyCon (XS-XL) $29  /  U-Tank (XS-XL) $15

Cropped Twill Jacket (XS-XL) $49
U-Tank (XS-XL) $15  /  Ponti Stripe Skirt (XS-XL) $20

U-Tank (XS-XL) $15  /  Ponti Stripe Skirt (XS-XL) $20  /  Cropped Twill Jacket (XS-XL) $49  /  Bright Stripe Maxi Dress (XS-XL) $39

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