Saturday, October 22, 2011



So I set myself another challenge for all you babes on a budget!
The goal was to style a casual outfit for $150 bucks!  

Now I'm all for casual, but making a casual outfit look chic is always my mission.  
I never want to look like I only paid a hundred smackaroos or so for my outfit,
I want to look like I paid 10x that price.
Well courtesy of Ally Fashion I was able to succeed once again >enter 'hooray' here<

This outfit looks so boho chic, so mega comfortable and so uber trendy.  
Whilst embracing the hot new trend of the midi skirt and adding some key new pieces
>enter the gorgeous Kardashian Kollection cross body bag<
and finishing off with the scalloping detail in the jacket which brings this casual look to super hot fashionista.

To complete this gorgeous outfit just add some of your own jewellery pieces (I'm opting for silver)
and your ready to turn some heads no matter where you're off to.

Have a great day lovelies xx

All items can be purchased at ALLY FASHION in stores or online @

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