Thursday, May 17, 2012

DIY - Transform Your Jewelry

Simple Jewelry Transformation

I have been on the hunt for some pastel jewelry pieces,
however I have yet to come across any really fabulous or inspiring items on my search so far.

So this got me thinking...
As I was searching through my nail polish collection I realised how pretty the pastels colours
were and how the hues were exactly what I wanted in my search for new accessories.

So out I whipped one of my more subtle statement necklaces, one which had a smooth surface
and thought I would give it a try of applying nail polish to it.
I am very pleased with the outcome, as you can see in pictures below.

Simply apply your choice of nail enamel to the desired surface area 2-3 times for an even coat
and voila you have some new transformed jewelry in a hot new pastel trend!

I only coated the middle section but may coat all three sections in contrasting pastel tones.
And the best part is you can keep recreating your jewelry as much as you like!

Check out your accessory collections ladies,
you might be pleasantly surprised with what you can do with your existing pieces :)

Left to right: REVLON #185 Lilac Pastelle, #85 Minted, #913 Peach Nectar

 Forever 21 Statement Necklace $8.80

 I used REVLON Nail Enamel #85 in Minted



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