Friday, May 11, 2012

Tempted By The Tropics

DAY 132

A fun Friday fact:
Roughly 90% of the world's population resides in the northern hemisphere.

Which in turn gets me thinking...
Not only do I have my gorgeous followers in Australia (ie. 10% of the population)
I also have some very loyal and wonderful followers in many other countries all over the globe.

So, why am I bringing this up?
My blog is a budget fashion blog,
I source items from both Australia, America, the UK and many more countries.
I try and show items that are available to wide audience and love to share my personal style to
all of you in the hopes that it may give some inspiration into your wardrobes and fabulous lives.

So, in turn I have decided that I shall no longer only focus on the climate I am in.
Right now the weather is just perfect but soon it will be getting really chilly as the Winter approaches.  I love watching other YouTuber's and Blogger's and hearing how excited everyone
in the Northern hemisphere is about Spring/Summer.

I want my blog to be universal and appealing to everyone, so I have decided to switch things up a little and show a variety of different outfits throughout each season, that way hopefully I will be relevant to everyone who may want a little wardrobe inspiration.
I guess that means some even whiter legs from me in the winter braving the elements in little Summer dresses, but hey it's worth it for all you fabulous fashionista's who have supported my journey thus far and I say a huge thank-you!

So here's one for you guys up north today, a fun springtime look worthy of a tropical locale.
I have to mention this strapless maxi was only $7.50 and is certainly a bright statement piece.

Head to toe this look has been styled for under $190.

Detailed list of items are shown below

What I'm Wearing:
Ring - Colette Accessories
Bracelet - LVLX
Dress - Supre
Wedges - Tony Bianco
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